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@1 Event Publisher posts events on your webpage via SSI. Events can be either posted by the administrator or visitors (pending approval by administrator).FeaturesAdmin modes: Administrator can search, add, edit or delete events.Posting of events by visitors: The events will be temporarily kept separately until it is approved by the administrator.Event icons: The zip file comes with more than 20 event icons. Users may optionally choose to include an event icon when adding a new event.Date sorting: Events are automatically sorted by date.Number of events shown: Administrator may set the maximum number of events displayed.Customization: Font size, face, color, the number of events displayed and so on are customizable.Empty fields: Some fields such as "Venue", "Web", "Email" and "Public remarks" are optional during event posting. Empty fields are skipped and will not be displayed in the SSI output.Searching of events: You may optionally create a popup window to the "user search form" if you have a lot of events in the database.Public remarks field: This field is shown to the public.Private remarks field: This field is only shown to the administrator (not to the public) in the admin mode. You may use this field for keeping confidential remarks for an event. E.g., the advertisement payment status, person to contact ....Installationeventpublisher.cgi:1) Change the first line (path to Perl) of the script.2) Go to STEP 2 in the "eventpublisher.cgi" script. Read the instruction there and modify the variables accordingly.3) Create a folder "eventpublisher" (chmod to 777) under your root directory. Upload the script to this "eventpublisher" folder. Chmod the script to 755.* You may also rename the script or upload it to your cgi bin (in case your hosting ISP does not allow scripts to be run outside the cgi bin - remember to configure the script accordingly under STEP 2). 4) Create a folder "icons" under the "eventpublisher" folder above. Upload all images and the "template.htm" file to this folder. Be reminded that images SHOULD NOT be placed INSIDE the cgi bin.template.htm (Admin interface template)eventpublisher_admin.htm (Admin form)eventpublisher_usersearch.htm (Public search form)eventpublisher_usersubmit (Public submission form):- Modify the form action URL in ALL forms. Point it to your eventpublisher.cgi.- Replace the URL "homepage" in the files "template.htm" and "eventpublisher_admin.htm" to your domain.- You may re-create your own template. Place (three plus signs) at the location where you want the script results to be printed. See STEP 2 in the script for details.- Upload "template.htm" to the "icons" folder. Upload all other *.htm forms to the "eventpublisher" folder.Calling the events via an SSI tag:This is how you call the events via SSI. Please note that "eventpublisher.cgi" in the SSI tag must be changed to something like "../../eventpublisher.cgi", "../somefolder/eventpublisher.cgi", "eventpublisher/eventpublisher.cgi" ... or so on if it is not placed in the same folder as the script. Date: 18 May, 2012

Publish Events - Send Reminders - Events Remarks - Publish - Events - Send

Homepage: http://upoint.info/

Developer: upoint.info

License: Freeware

Operating System: All

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