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.NET Email Validation Wizard is a class library for .NET that allows for checking of the syntax of an email address, domain name verification, and even MX record and server verification. Using the basic syntax check is the fastest method since it runs through an algorithmic routine on the local processor without any network transfer delays. With domain validation, a better validation is performed because it validates the domain for the address with DNS records using the local DNS server setting on the machine. The class communicates directly with the DNS servers bypassing the built in DNS functions for more control and speed. EmailCheck builds a list of invalid domains as different addresses are parsed for a faster look-up. If the domain of a previously checked and failed address is in a future address, no DNS lookup is performed thereby saving time.With full validation, the MX records are pulled for the domain and the SMTP service is checked to see if it is running. If there are no MX records and/or the SMTP service is not running on any of the IP's associated with the domain then the check considers the address invalid. This is the most lengthy and should only be performed when the most comprehensive check is needed.With the advent of Verisign changing the root DNS servers, Email Validation Wizard has checks against a couple of known IP's associated with the Verisign fall-back address and considers any domain that equates to them to be invalid.The product is great for database cleanup, form entry validation, and a variety of other uses.Key Features: - Full syntax checking - Domain name verification - DNS MX record lookup - SMTP Service Verification - Synchronous and Asynchronous calls supported - 100% managed code written in C# - Object oriented design - All error handling through .NET exceptions - Integrated Visual Studio .NET style documentation - Example code included - Email Technical Support is 100% FREE - Royalty free runtime The .NET EmailValidation Wizard class library has a lot of power and features built-in. All the code is 100% managed. The code is written to be highly efficient and robust. Date: 13 April, 2012

.NET Email - Validation Wizard - Miscellaneous Script - .Net - Email - Validation

Homepage: http://seekfordsolutions.com/

Developer: seekfordsolutions.com

License: Freeware

Operating System: All

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