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43thing clone script with source code: * LAMP Based, * Facebook Integrated, * Feature rich administrative panel, * Control User activity, * RSS feeds and more ...

People have known for years that making a list of goals is the best way to achieve them. Why is that? First, getting your goals in writing can help you clarify what you really want to do. You might find you have some important and some frivolous goals. You've got space for 43Things Clone Script on your list. Not every one of them has to change the world (but save room for the ones that might).

Add goals:

People can create multiple goals on the site. Goals are the things you want to achieve in your life. It can be as drink more water or as bigger as make president.

You can adopt a goal in two ways:
(1) You can add directly on home page or in form of I want to.. thing list.
(2) You can add other users added goal list from I want to this button.

Post entries:
If you added any goal then you can post entries on that goals time to time. Entry is the description what you have done you order to achieve that goal.
You can also see everyone entries and activity. If you have subscribed any person then view his activity and entries.

A user can express his/her view about any goals or entry posted by any other user in the form of comments.

Respond to comments:
A user can respond to the comments given by the other users using this option.

Cheers are a simple way of supporting a person. You can cheer goals, entries, comments and photos. You have a limited number of cheers to use each day.
If you do not see the Cheers widget in the right column, click the customize link at the top of the right column and add the Cheers widget to your profile page.
You must be logged in to give and receive cheers.

Give cheers
Click on the Cheer this link to show your support. The person you cheer will be able to see that you've cheered them. You'll also see that the cheer count has decreased by one along with a message telling you how many cheers you have remaining for the day.

Get cheers
The Cheers widget is located in the right column of your included widget (ex- your profile page) and displays your most recent cheers. You'll see who has cheered you and how long ago they cheered you. Click the “see all” link and see a full list of all your cheers given and received.
If you have logged on 43things Clone

A keyword or term associated with or assigned to a piece of information. You can also add tags on goals.

Doing things
Under this display list of goals which is doing person. If you have logged then print all goal list. You can also add new goal.

People can add future doing goals and also applied reminder to remind and send a mail on user email id that on goals
You can also delete resolution goal.

Done things
Under this display your completed things. You can add tell us how you did it. After publish your tell us how you did it you can view list on profile and if you save draft then display in draft.
You can apply rate this goal, remove and add entry on completed things.

Given up
Display your deleted things but keeping record of it by "giving up".
You can also add in our doing things list, permanently remove and write an entry.

What are you doing today?
In this option you can update day by day what are you doing

A message is a simple way to hold a one-on-one conversation with a user. You'll get an email when you have new message activity -- we'll also indicate this on your profile page

Year in Review
User can view our year review year by year and show a graph of how many goals, entries, comments and cheers have adopted, completed and removed. Display user's busiest, talkative and most cheery month in this section

Users can upload photos and set on our profile photo. Other users can view all uploaded photos of other users. You can also delete all images.

Displays all recently added goals, entries, comments, cheers and tags.
Zeitgeist is in five sections
1) Summery: Displays all limited number of added goals, entries, comments, cheers and tags
2) How I did it: In this section, display all how i did it posts on completed goals.
3) Entries and Comments: In this section, display all entries and comments posted by the users.
4) Goals: Display all cheered goals (with cheered from and cheered to username) by the users.
5) People: Display all people added in 43things clone script with username and posted how many entries.
6) Tags: Display all tag added by the users.

If you have subscribed any person, in this section view all recently activity (goals and entries) and number of subscribed user with images.
You can also remove subscribed people.

Manage account
Users can modify our account. (Ex- Email, first name and last name)
Users can close account from edit account.

Facebook Login
Users have provided Facebook login in this site. You can also configure Facebook.

People have provided display different option.
1) About me: users have written our personal info. As dob, city etc.
2) Personal challenge: you can challenge your self to these goals.
3) Cheer: display your cheer for by the given users
4) Tag: display your added all tag.
5) Recent activity: display recent activity. As added goal or posted entries.
6) Facebook: display your friend list.

You can search goals, users, comments and tags.

This site support in different languages (as English, French etc) which is set by site administrator. Date: 15 August, 2011

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43things Clone - 43thing Clone Script - Open Source Clone Script - LAMP Based 43thing Script - Php Script

Homepage: http://www.softwaredep.com/43thing-com-complete-clone.html

Developer: A K Sharma

License: Freeware

Operating System: Linux, Windows, Unix, Mac OSX, Sun Solaris, Apache, IIS

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