AdBlend for Google AdSense

Category: PHP - Affiliate Programs

AdBlend removes the need to visit AdSense whenever you need a new ad format. Even better, AdBlend can select the ad size to best fit the available space on your page. After entering your AdSense publisher ID and default AdSense settings in the PHP file, AdBlend can be included in your PHP & spot customized via the parameter string whenever the function is called. AdBlend selects the widest ad unit that can fit in the width specified in the default settings or in the parameter string. Even if you don't know the exact width of your desired ad unit, AdBlend will try to find the most appropriate size. All AdSense parameters can be passed in the parameter string: ad format (text, image, text_image, 4 x link unit & 5 x link unit), ad channel, alternate ad URL and all the color parameters. Date: 19 February, 2011

Adblend - Adblend For Adsense - Adsense Include - Adsense Php Script - Adsense Php Include - Adsense Helper Script


Developer: AdBabel

License: Freeware

Operating System: Linux, Unix, Windows

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