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by Compoments suite for Delphi:
* Binary Tree (Self-Balancing Binary Trees)
* Cypher (Private Key Encryption/Decryption Primitives)
* Firebird Client (Retrieving Data as XML from Firebird Server)
* CGI runner (CGI application like PHP-CGI.exe or Perl.exe)
* HTML functions (extract Text, HTML Encode, HTML Decode, etc.)
* String functions (ALStringReplace, ALFastTagReplace, etc.)
* Unicode Functions (ALUTF8RemoveDiacritic, ALUTF8Normalize, etc.)
* FTP client using WinInet
* GSM compoment (To send SMS for exemple)
* Http Client (Using WinInet or WinHTTP)
* MySQL Client (Retrieving Data as XML from MySQL Server)
* NNTP Client
* PHP runner (to use php as a scripting language in Delphi applications)
* POP3 Client
* SMTP Client
* SQLite3 Client (Retrieving Data as XML from SQLlite3)
* WebSpider (to allows you to download a Web site to a local directory)
* ALXmlDoc (like Delphi TXmlDocument but 10 to 100 times more faster and can work in sax mode) Date: 29 May, 2013


Developer: Alcinoe

License: Freeware

Operating System: Windows

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