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Below functionality Arfooo Directory :Main features :The main pages (top-hits, top-notes, top-rank, top-referrers, keywords) are activated or disabled (on or off) according to your wishes. Multi-template : Change the appearance of your very simply through templates engine: template lite. Multilingual System : Currently available in English / French. System cached pages of directory for a generation time very impressive with a very small number of queries to the database close to 0.. URL rewriting : Rewriting the Urls for better indexing in search engines with management anti-duplicate content. Title and metas tags dynamic with pagination (page 1, page 2 ...) mentioned in the title tag and meta tag description for a listing optimal on all pages of your phone book because none of the same title. Keywords : Thanks to keywords, sites will have the opportunity to select specific terms to improve their ranking. Top-referrers : The sites included a backlink to your directory will participate in top-referrers and are entitled to an additional backlink. The top-referrers will be reset to 0 all "X" days. Management backlinks included in the registration form with a scanner to find out if the backlinks are always present on the site of the webmaster. Management System advertising (adsense) very powerful :Establish criteria for advertising customizable and unlimited..Each criterion can your/one/several/ adsense code (Javascript) and code (x)HTML/CSS to customize the display.You have many places to display your advertising: header, menu on the left and right but also between each site.Each location is independently activated and disabled and those for each page of the directory.You can also predefine the positions of adsenses for categories, sites and keywords in order not to have to redefine the position for each location.This powerful manager will allow you to cancel your advertising categories and/or sites whose theme does not display all of this in a very simple and intuitive. Administration and management of sitesA single administrator can manage all the features of the directory but can also administer accounts... Multi-moderators : Their role is to validate/delete/modify/banish sites pending. They do not have access to sites previously treated to secure the contents of your database. Statistics for each account are available to keep an eye on your moderators.. Area members activated or disabled (on or off) allowing management by the webmasters of their sites. They will thus add / delete / modify their sites easily.And some other features that I let you discover. Date: 26 August, 2011


Developer: Hocine Guillaume

License: Freeware

Operating System: Linux

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