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No matter what kind of ad network you're working with and what stuff they offer. This system simply converts any banner ad tag into a full customizable interstitial ad gateway! Remember that people are lazy but if they can get something for free they will click like crazy!! So why not using your banner or text ads to provide free downloads, music files, images, videos or whatever. The possibilities are endless. Simply let the user know that just 1 click on the ad will instantly lead him to the content of his demand and our script takes care about the rest. It will get you that high click rate and payouts every webmaster is dreaming of! - Note: Perhaps you don't want to say 'click' to stay confirm with your networks TOS! :) The heart of our system is a unique javascript engine that tracks a real click through on an advertisement to trigger another additional action, e.g. a redirect to a download page, while the behavior of the advertisement won't be touched in any way. This bulletproof system has been successfully tested to work with nearly every existing banner ad network and even Google Adsense! It has been tested to work with the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari. Date: 22 May, 2011


Developer: Ray Kingston

License: Freeware

Operating System: Linux, Unix, Windows

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