Cj Tag Board

Category: PHP - Chat

Cj Tag Board is a Unix compatible quick and easy way of communicating with visitors to your website in real time. V3.0 brings what the fans want: IP Banning, Flood Control, Poster Details, Fully Customisable, Character Countdown, Enter to Submit, Smilies, UBB Code, Admin Interface, No MySQL! Bad Word Filter, Alternating Post Backgrounds, Reset Tag Feature, Report Post Feature, Post Notification, Auto Refresh, Tag Count Statistics, Tag Archive and more. This is a must have for any personal/fan based website! Date: 10 November, 2011

Homepage: http://www.cj-design.com/index.php?id=downloads&page=5

Developer: http://www.cj-design.com...

License: Freeware

Operating System: Unix

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