Contact Form Script

Category: PHP - Miscellaneous

This is a contact form which has the following features: - Checks that the e-mail address is in the a@b.c format. - Checks to make sure all fields are filled in. - Sends the users ip address and user agent in the e-mail. - Option to only lets users send a message every x seconds to avoid abuse. - Option to make the user enter a random security code from an image. - Option to redirect to url after successful sent mail. - Option to send copy of e-mail been sent to sender. - Option to have the subject as a drop down menu. - Option to select recipient from drop down menu. - If there is an error while trying to send the e-mail, it gives the user a link to launch their default email program with the e-mail address, subject and message already filled in, so all they have to do is click send. Date: 23 February, 2012

Editor Rating: 5 Rating of Contact Form Script


Developer: Jason Gillyon

License: Freeware

Operating System: linux, windows

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