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GrainSizeTools script is a free open-source cross-platform script written in Python that provides several tools to visualize and characterize the grain size in polycrystalline materials from thin sections. The script is suitable to use for paleopiezometry (paleowattmetry) studies and to derive the actual 3D grain size distribution using the Saltykov and the two-step methods. The script does not require a previous experience with Python programming language. For users with coding skills, the script is organized in a modular way using functions facilitating to modify, reuse or extend the code if needed.

Versions 1.4.x include the ability to estimate differential stress via piezometers (with multiple piezometric relations for comparison!)


Extract data from text (.txt, .csv) or excel files generated by the ImageJ or any other application
Calculate apparent diameters of grain profiles via the equivalent circular diameter
Estimate different apparent 1D grain size measures including the mean, median, area-weighted mean, and frequency peak. The latter use a Gaussian Kernel Density Estimator. Grain size scales can be linear, logarithmic, or square root
Includes several algorithms to estimate the optimal bin size of histograms and the optimal bandwidth of the Gaussian KDE based on the population features
Approximate the actual 3D grain size distribution from thin sections (2D data) using the Saltykov method. This includes estimating the volume of a particular grain size fraction
Approximate the shape of the 3D grain size distribution using a single parameter (the MSD - Multiplicative Standard Deviation) via the two-step method
New!: Estimate differential stresses via paleopiezometers including multiple piezometric relations for quartz, olivine, calcite and albite. Other phases available soon!
It produces ready-to-publish plots, allowing to save the graphical output as a bitmap or vector images Date: 03 February, 2018



License: Freeware

Operating System: Not Available

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