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The CMDB (Configuration Management Database) module of the IT documentation tool i-doit is the central resource for IT administrators, supporting the company's IT service management in all kinds of IT processes.

The IT infrastructure is documented in detail with all properties. Nevertheless it is also possible to document rudimentary information about the assets, such as manufacturer or model.
If one property of an IT asset affects another IT asset, a directional relationship between these infrastructure assets will automatically be created by the IT documentation tool, for example server receives power from power strip, power strip is dependent on secondary distributor, server is cluster member of cluster, etc.

i-doit is modular. The basis of i-doit are the user settings, multi-language support, multi-client capability of the CMDB and the set theme. This serves as a docking station for the functional modules of i-doit: CMDB (the main module), import (CSV, XML, OCS), export (XML), reporting (CSV, PDF, etc.), IT basic protection, Templates, Nagios coupling (monitoring), Request Tracker coupling (help desk), etc. Date: 01 February, 2012

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CMDB - Configuration Management Database - ITSM - IT Service Managment - Configuration Management - IT Documentation - ITIL

Homepage: http://www.i-doit.org

Developer: synetics

License: Affero General Public License

Operating System: Not Available

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