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This is a command-driven text editor with a good set of primitive commands
and a simple (ECCE-like) command structure. The result is an editor as
powerful as any yet with the absolute minimum of magic modes and similar
- Command language (ECCE-like) supports loops and conditional flow.
- Most operations return a status result which can control command flow.
- Simple arithmetic operations can be performed on numerical text.
- Recovery of entire edit environment, following a crash.
- Strong interaction with system environment.
- Tidy handling of tabular text especially spreadsheets.
- A useful library of command scripts.
- Easy construction of powerful macro-commands.
- A useful error reporting and debugging environment.
- Reasonably well behaved (i.e. rarely crashes or locks up).
- Reasonably high capacity (typically better than 1Gb). Date: 22 February, 2013


Developer: Joyoftext

License: Freeware

Operating System: All

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