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JSA is a free library which should help web developers to set awesome animation effects on their web applications with a minimum of efforts and maximum flexibility. It may perfectly cooperate with javascript objects, DOM objects, CSS and CSS3 properties, users' functions... It works in old browesers like ie6 and it works with HTML5 or CSS3, and even if there are a new type of property or object in css3 there would be no need in changing the library core like in most animation libraries! "Maximum of adjustability!" this is the slogan. The concept and the paradigm is taken from the flash technology, cause the primary task of this engine is to replace Flash on web-pages where it is possible, by reason of growing popularity of HTML5 and mobile devices. The library has a lot of usefull easing functions, animation methods like stop, play, pause, reversePlay, yoyo etc. It has frames like it is in Flash, timelines, groups of animation...
We hope it will serve in creating quite good web apps. Date: 07 March, 2013

Homepage: http://sourceforge.net/projects/jsa-library

Developer: Jsa-library

License: Freeware

Operating System: All

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