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Theme Chooser/ChangerA great cool script, that creates a great look and feel of the website. With various features with in the script the Web Administrator can create his website with different style sheets and with each visit to a site a different theme may be seen. As you can see here that on the left side there is an option to choose a theme from different colors. You can click any colour and see the effects.This scripts is available in two modes:If the webmaster wants to display a different theme on each visit to a website then MySQL database is required which will fetch the number of visits from the data base and according to some rules and calculations will fetch a particular theme.Requirements: PHP and MYSQLIf only one theme (at the start) is to be displayed when a user visits the website then this simple to implement script is very useful. Requirements: PHPFeatures:User can choose a theme according to his choice on the run. Theme can be changed by the user at any page. Same theme goes for every page until the user changes or select a different theme. Refreshing on any page of the website will open with the same theme. Date: 04 June, 2011

Homepage: http://www.scripts.kunals.com

Developer: KB

License: Freeware

Operating System: All

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