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Keyboard class creates an onscreen keyboard for websites. It emulates normal keyboard behavior by providing functions like Tab, Capslock, Shift, Enter, Backspace, AltGr, Home and End, and it can manipulate data in textareas and input fields with text or password type.

Keyboard outlook is adjustable and users can be allowed to change size and language of keyboard.
Package contains keyboard.js and keyboard.packed.js (packed javascript) and keymaps.js (file with different keymaps, where you can comment out or delete the ones, you won't use), and example.html, to demonstrate keyboard customizing and adding keymaps from keymaps.js Date: 23 August, 2011

Editor Rating: 5 Rating of Keyboard

Form - Keyboard - Screen - Click - Arturs Sosins - Buttons - Keyboard Key


Developer: Arturs Sosins

License: BSD License

Operating System: Not Available

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