Mambo Starter Kit

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Mambo Starter Kit: After many request for a simple to use local mambo installation were designers can test out their mambo template designs locally. We decided to build one from the best distro Xampp of This local web server works for windows only at this time. We are working on an Apple version in the future. Its just one simple zip file you just unzip in your c:/directory. This creates a folder called MamboStarterKit. It does not install any registry files or make any system level changes to any files at all. To uninstall just delete the MamboStartKit folder in your "c:/MamboStarterKit" and it's all uninstalled in one shot. See Flash video tutorials we will be making more soon. Whats included: Fresh install of Mambo CMS 4.5.2 All of the GPL Templates MosCE Editor ApacheFriends XAMPP (basic package) version 1.4.14 " Apache 2.0.54 " MySQL 4.1.12 " PHP 5.0.4 PHP 4.3.11 PEAR " eAccelerator 0.9.3 " PHP-Switc Date: 22 November, 2011


Developer: Brian Diaz

License: Freeware

Operating System: windows

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