My Classifieds MySQL

Category: CGI and Perl - Miscellaneous

My Classifieds SQL is a Perl/CGI/MySQL implementation of online classifieds, similar to other classifieds or auction sites. Only one file needs to be edited to specify the categories, colors, template, and a few other site-specific variables and preferences. The script supports email and deletion/modification of ads by users, as well as searching ads, and auto-delete after an admin-specified number of days. My Classifieds SQL also comes with an administration panel where the admin can delete and ban users and reset users' passwords. The admin can also delete and edit ads. It also has a language module designed to be easy to change between languages, and also very easy to create your own language module for non-supported languages.. Already supported are English, Spanish, Puerto Rican Spanish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Danish, and Dutch. Date: 23 February, 2012


Developer: Erin Spiceland

License: Freeware

Operating System: UNIX/Linux, Windows

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