PHP Excel CSV Import & Export Script

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Webbiscuits CSV Import lets non technical users import and export their data to save time and cost.

Excel Importer/Exporter lets you import your data from CSV format file to your MySQL database. CSV stands for comma delimited file which is just like normal text file and it is supported in most spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel.

Maintaining large database can be time and cost consuming especially when you have to update them frequently. It can become too technical sometimes.

Simply upload your CSV file, connect to the database, choose the table, click to execute the import process and it's all done. You can undo the process if you need to recover the previous data.

Key Features Supported
Import CSV File to Database
Connect To MySQL Database
Confirm & Complete Import Process
Undo Import Process
Export Database to CSV File
Multiple Import Users
Anti-Spam With Image Verification
Easy-to-Use Back-End System Date: 12 January, 2012

Editor Rating: 5 Rating of PHP Excel CSV Import & Export Script

Csv Import - Excel Importer - Exporter Component


Developer: Webbiscuits

License: Common Public License

Operating System: Not Available

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