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The Freelancers script allows anyone to run a professional site like only large companies could until now.

How it works is that people looking for freelance work ("providers") signup, and companies ("buyers") looking for professionals post their projects on your site. Providers bid on the projects, the buyer picks the bid he likes, and the project begins. You can take any commission you want based on the bid amount! It's a lot like an auction, but the buyer has more control over it. All you have to do is promote the service. Absolutely everything else is done by the script, even money deposits! This type of service often gets people coming back to use it several times, it has the potential to grow very quickly.

Script Features:

01. Template Based.
02. Supports Paypal and 2Checkout, StormPay and other Payments.
03. Fully Customizable from Admin Section.
04. Released under GNU/GPL/Free License.
05. Template Based Easily Editable.
06. Supports Different Languages.
07. Available with Open Source Code.
08. Supports Unlimited Freelancers and Webmasters.
09. Easy installation Wizard.
10. Developed in PHP and Mysql.
11. Escrow Functionality.
12. Built-in Search Engine.
13. Allow Private Messaging.
14. n Much More.
15. and Finally it's Absolutely Free.

Freelancers/Webmasters Features:

01. Separate user Interface.
02. Editing Personal Info.
03. Contact the support Staff.
04. Post New Projects.
05. Password Protected user Account.
06. Template Based.
07. See announcements from the Admins.
08. Managing their account info.
09. Managing the Projects.
10. Deposit Money through Different Payment options.
11. Escrow Payment Management.
12. Bid on New projects.
13. Fast Loading and support Google Adds.
14. n Many More Features.

Admin Features:

01. Edit Site Configurations.
02. Make New Announcements and edit previous ones.
03. Able to Edit Client Home Pages.
04. Ability to Edit Email Templates that are sent to the clients when they signup.
05. Ban IP of Users
06. Able to add new options in "Where did you hear about us?"
07. Able to Change site Rates and Fees.
08. View/Edit/Add Freelancers.
09. View/Add/Edit Webmasters and their Projects.
10. Add/Edit/Manage Projects.
11. Add Custom Links.
12. Allow Paypal and 2Checkout Payments and Other Payment Methods.
13. Template Based.
14. Enable Disable Escrow Services.
15. Escrow Administration.
16. Send Newsletter to Site Users.
17. Edit Site.
18. View/Manage Deposits, Withdrawals, Escrows and Direct Payments between users.
14. Fast Loading.
15. n Many More options. Date: 21 November, 2013

Editor Rating: 5 Rating of PHP Freelancers

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Developer: JNS Hosts

License: Freeware

Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix

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