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Do you have a new web project to develop?

By using phpRegister, you will have directly all the essential elements for the development of your platform: Account creation, identification, profile management, user support, contact page and even a license template!

Plus an administration part mainly allowing to obtain graphs on the creation of accounts, to manage its users, the tickets of the User Support, create sitemaps in the pane.

Website default pages / features:

- Accounts creation: Email / Password account or creation via Facebook and Google buttons.
- Send email on account creation to activate it. Resend activation link. Recover password.
- Manage profile: Photo, email, addresses, subscribe to newsletter.
- User support, open ticket, reply to ticket, close a ticket.
- Account deletion by sending a deletion link. Delete all user datas.
- Full Multilingual: URL rewriting, Metas Title and Description, Headers Canonical/Alternate pages.
- Basic pages: Login - Create account - Profile - User support - Contact - About us - Licence ((Basis of the General Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy).
- 100% responsive with 2 side menus for phones.


- Home page with graphs of account creation.
- Accounts management: search users, display a user details, manage a user Admin rights, send email to a user.
- Management of translation of pages. search and modify a variable, modify your website content on the fly with the function "Show Translate Ids".
- "Login as": function that allows an administrator to connect as another user, by generating a unique link containing a key and with the password "Login as".
- Management of tickets from Helpdesk: reply to a ticket, mark a ticket "In progress", close or delete a ticket, reopen a closed ticket.
- Create redirections 404 to 301 (Moved Permanently).
- Manage your environnement global configuration variables.
- Generate sitemaps file.
- Create accounts randomly! With this functionnality, you can simulate a lot of accounts created on your website and test the velocity of the phpRegister script and of your server. Date: 23 November, 2019

Php Script - User Management - Website Creation - Administration


Developer: Vincent Marpguerit

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

Operating System: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X

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