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Sparse is an open source, usable, flexible, powerful framework which allows web developers to make entire CGI applications without ever programming anything. All that's required is knowing how to use a few extra HTML tags and sticking a single PHP tag at the top.Sparse can deal completely with adding, editing, and displaying data; navigating amongst data; checking and displaying errors. Sparse will also cache itself so that it only has to get information about the tables and template once.Sparse allows developers to simply write plain HTML pages with tags representing widgets and buttons for displaying or entering data. Changing the look or behavior of your form is as simple as changing a tag attribute or moving the tags around. Programming code isn't required at all.Sparse is coded in pure PHP, and designed to interact with MySQL databases. Most web servers are configured to have these programs available.Full documentation is available at . Date: 01 May, 2011


Developer: Daniel Orner

License: Freeware

Operating System: Linux, Unix, Windows

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