sPBM - Simple PHP Backup Manager

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A free and open source PHP tool to create Backups of your website (MySQL Database, Folders and Files). The backups are saved in ZIP archives on server. The sPBM script can also restore the MySQL tables in your database from the SQL backup stored in ZIP archive.


* Simple and easy to use interface to Backup MySQL tables and website directories.
* You can select the MySQL tables which to backup.
* You can backup the whole website, or the folders and files you wish.
* Ability to exclude files from backup (by their extension).
* Automatic backups of folders and MySQL database (by a small PHP script which must be accessed from Cron Jobs).
* Supports both PDO and MySQLi for accessing MySQL databases in PHP.
* You can Download, and Delete the ZIP archives with backups from server.
* The script can be easily translated and used in other languages, without affecting the code. Date: 15 October, 2015

Homepage: http://coursesweb.net/php-mysql/simple-backup-manager


License: Freeware

Operating System: Not Available

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