Tiny Pascal for TI83p and TI84

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Tiny Pascal for TI8x is a full Pascal and Assembly language tool chain for Texas Instrument TI-8x calculators.

It allows production of programs and application for TI83+ and TI84 calculators.

The benefits are :
A· All the features of assembly programs and applications are available without
the inherent complexity on Z80 assembly programming
A· Programs will run much faster that TI-Basic equivalent
A· A standard library is available (gotoxy, ClrHome, flush, crlf, a€¦), and it will be
expanded when needed
A· Built in access method to TI8xPlus system routines from Tiny Pascal
A· TI-8x menus support

To show what you can do with this tool chain, we have coded an Othello/Reversi like game. Date: 04 August, 2013

Homepage: http://sourceforge.net/projects/tinypascalforti

Developer: Tinypascalforti

License: Freeware

Operating System: Windows

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