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Doing Social Media marketing especially Twitter marketing is very important for increasing online sales of your products. We have developed many useful Tools/applications for using Twitter as your marketing Tool easily.

Mostly, we developed all these Tools one by one based on our own marketing needs, and achieved siginificant success using these Tools. And, still we are developing many social media Tools. This group of applications mainly focuses on managing multiple Twitter accounts effectivley. It includes sending tweets to mulitiple accounts, auto tweets, auto trends and stats. Bookmarklet feature of the MultiPost module will be very effective to send your tweets from any website.

Find below the Key Features/Facts

You can easily send the tweets to multiple desired twitter accounts.
URL shortening is integrated with this Tool.
It will be useful for doing your online marketing easily and it will save time.

Auto Tweet
Automatically send the tweets to your Twitter accounts based on your settings (i-e Time duration and list of Twitter Accounts)
You can easily change the association between your stored tweets and Twitter Accounts at any time.
And, you can activate and deactivate the Twitter accounts as well as individual Tweets.
URL Shortening is built-in with the Tool.

Bulk Uploading
You can bulk uploading your twitter account ids.
And also bulk uploading tweets options also there for auto tweet.
Auto Trends
automatically sending the tweets based on what is being searched by most of the people at this moment.
It will create exposure to your Twitter Accounts as your tweets will be displayed in the real time search results of search engines. (Because your tweets will be related to the hot trends search)

Twitter Stats about Followers count and Following count of any list of Twitter accounts.
Within couple of minutes you can see all your twitter accounts stats without going to Twitter site.
It will reduce your time and also easy to analyze your followers and following details
Either you can choose Bulk upload(from CSV file) or manually enter each account name. Date: 22 July, 2011

Editor Rating: 5 Rating of Twitter Applications

Twitter Api - Twitter User Account Management - Auto Tweet - Multi Post - Twitter Stats


Developer: QualityPoint Technologies

License: Freeware

Operating System: Windows, Linux

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