Ultimate POPUP Exit

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Take all of that and then add to it the fact that you get a totally simple to use, step-by-step interface that hands you not just the code you must then past into your web pages like so many other scripts, but rather gives you a totally complete HTML page that you save and simply upload to your server. As copy and paste, push-button easy as it gets in just 5 simple steps. This is no DHTML trick based on timing, scrolling or mouse movement. Your popups will be totally unavoidable and activated only when a visitor tries to close the window or leave your page. Once activated, a visitor must interact with your popup before they can do anything else with their browser. You are in complete control. The bottom line… this is powerful stuff. Now let me ask you, do you remember the good old days when regular exit pop-up windows used to work? That was a few years ago before the newer browsers included their own popup blockers and hundreds of other popup blockers became avail Date: 03 August, 2011

Homepage: http://trmslan.be/shop/70-ultimate-exit-pop-up-mrr-included.html

Developer: trmslan.be

License: Freeware

Operating System: All

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