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Virtual-OS is an open source online operating system that seamlessly combines SaaS and upcoming Web 3.0 technology in a persistent multitasking environment. This web based application creates a shared virtual desktop on a remote server to promote collaboration, simplify content management and reduce the cost associated with network setup. Virtual-OS can harness and distribute the collective processing power and storage of multiple web servers which are typically much faster than the average home computer. The system can integrate local network and external web resources to produce transparent composite applications which further offsets end terminal processing requirements. Using Virtual-OS companies can reduce costs by deploying low end terminals and mobile devices in place of more robust point of sale or data entry systems. The software is available free of charge under an MIT style licensing with no expressed warranty of application fitness or liability. Date: 13 February, 2011

Virtual-Os Com


Developer: Advanced Webhosting Network

License: Freeware

Operating System: linux, windows, freebsd

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