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XSE Cart is a full featured ASP.NET shopping cart solution to open an online web store and start selling products. It has a skin and template driven storefront, intuitive and clear web administration interface. XSE .NET is built on asp.net technology. Supports multiple payment gateways (Authorize.Net, Verisign, PayPal & etc.), multiple payment options (order by Credit Cards, E-Checks, E-mail, Phone and Fax, COD) FedEx real-time shipping rates & more. Merchants and web site developers who wish to create an online catalog with elegant interface can choose XSE .NET solution to build reliable, search engine optimSE .NET sfeature rich ecommerce sites. XSE .NET software is perfect choice for the online merchants and ecommerce developers. 3 tier OOP design protects the integrity of the internal coding while allowing to create ecommerce web site design easy by making modifications to the "look and feel" of the page templates. Store Features - Dynamic Horizontal Category Menu - Shows your store categories across the top. - Dynamic Vertical Category Menu - Shows your store categories in the traditional lefthand location. - Product Search - Enhanced keyword search and advanced search by SKU, ISBN, Product Name, Manufacturer and more. - Special Listing Menu - Links to special store pages like; Closeouts, New Releases, Best Sellers. Personalized pages for; Bargain List (customers can select products and be automatically notified when they go on sale), Wish List (customers can add their favorite products to a list so they can return to the store and easily buy) and Reorder List (for consumables and other items your customers are likely to reorder). - Customer Service Pages - Allow your customers to easily find out all they need to know about your store and procedures. Handy templates can be customized to provide your store's specific information. - Product Info Fields - Tell your customers everything they could possibly want to know about your products. Standard Package, Manufacturer, Dimensions, Normal Shipping Info and more. - Multiple Product Images - Links to large images and links to an unlimited number of other views of your products in popup windows. - Cross Sell to Increase Sales - Our convenient Cross Sell links tell you customers of other products that may interest them. - Email to a Friend - Let's your customers send friends links to product pages or the complete page! - Personalized Customer Lists - Let's customers create their own product lists (Wish List, Bargain List and ReOrder List). Backend Administration FeaturesThe Backend Administration of XSE.NET is provided through a comprehensive, secure control panel accessible from any computer with an Internet connection. This control panel, called Merchant Central, provides all of the tools you need to configure, design, customize and operate your Internet store front. Help files are provided for every administrative function and are accessed by clicking on the help icon. You can also view the system configuration, run diagnostics and contact tech support right from our Diagnostic and Support module. What follows is a listing of the features of Merchant Central along with a brief description of their functionality. Main Settings Control - This allows you to configure the business settings of your Web store. - Define Store name, title tag, description, etc. used in various locations along with the dynamic generation of meta tags for great search engine positioning. - Store Open/Closed - This allows you to display a custom store is closed message to disable ordering during database management so as not to lose orders, etc. - Search Re-indexing - Powerful feature to run after new products are added which maximizes the search capability of XSE.NET. - Customer Service and Email settings - Settings of various email accounts and to generate the dynamic customer service information. - Email Verify Web Service settings - An optional verification of the legitimacy of email addresses used in ordering to help prevent fraudulent orders. - Affiliate Referral System settings - Enter the details for the affiliate referral system provided with XSE.NET. - Many more controls. See our Live Demo to view them all! Store Layout Control - These properties allow you to customize the "Look and Feel" of your Web store. - Font settings - Set the general font to be used for the text throughout the store. - Color settings - Set the background colors for pages, table cells, etc. - Width and Alignment settings - Define the width and alignment of the pages. - Dynamic Menu Control settings - Enable/Disable menus for categories and manufacturers, enable/disable use of image icons for menu display, defined alignments and widths of the dynamic menus. - Image Control settings - Define the sizes of product images and auto-generated thumbnail images. - Field Label settings - Define the wording of text labels for various fields and table headings. - Saved Lists Control settings - Enable/Disable Wish List, Bargain List, Re-Order List use. - Many more controls. See our Live Demo to view them all! Template Control - The powerful presentation layer templates allow for complete customization all presentation pages used in XSE.NET. Creating custom presentation pages is simple and foolproof. The following example gives the steps require to easily create your own custom template for your store's homepage content. - Open file called HomePageContent_default.ascx - Modify the code to create your own custom look. - Save the new file as HomePageContent_custom.ascx - Upload the new file to your "Templates" folder on your web. - Navigate to the Template Control page in the Property Manager. - Select your new template from the dropdown menu and save it. - The new homepage content page is now displayed. Admin Layout Control- Allows you to set the way your Administrative Control Panel for looks and behaves. Messages Control - Allows you to custom define the messages displayed or sent for various store functions. - Store is Closed - Create custom content that your customers see when you have set the store status to closed. - Order Confirmation Page - Create custom content to be displayed on the confirmation page after an order is completed. - Email to Friend - Create custom default message sent when a customer uses the Email to a Friend feature. - System Email Messages control - Completely customize email invoices, email notifications, and other auto-emails sent by the system. - Affiliate Message control - Define all messages sent to affiliates. Define the link codes that affiliates use to send customer from their sites to yours. Date: 05 January, 2012

Shopping Cart - On Line Store - Virtual Store - Shopping - Cart - Ecommerce

Homepage: http://www.ecommercesoft.net/

Developer: ecommercesoft.net

License: Freeware

Operating System: All

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