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XSIBackup uses the ESXi built in command line options to create fully unattended backup solutions, this means you can create a backup schema that will for example backup all your running virtual machines every night, send you a detailed e-mail report after each backup operation and provision space once the backup disk is full by deleting the older backup folders. Only folders with the name format used by XSIBackup will be deleted to provision space so older backups can coexist in the same disk by simply renaming the folder.

XSIBackup uses well known busybox binary with the only purpose to have access to sendmail from the © VMware ESXi environment. XSIBackup can work without busybox but you will lose the e-mail report functionality. ESXi incorporates its own stripped down version of busybox but it lacks sendmail and many other usefull tools thus you will need the busybox binary included in the XSIBackup package that should preferably be put in the same folder as XSIBackup itself. Alternatively you can specify an alternative busybox binary location.
At the time of performing each individual VM backup XSIBackup will issue a shutdown to the virtual machine instance and wait 30 seconds for the virtual machine to be shutdown cleanly. If after the initial 30 seconds period the VM continues to be on the program will wait 30 more seconds checking the VM state every 10 seconds after which XSIBackup will consider the virtual machine can't be shutdown and it will be powered off. Please note that when a VM can't be shutdown cleanly most of the times it is a program or service that keeps it from be shut down the right way. Powering off is the last recurse for XSIBackup to be able to turn off the VM and back it up. If you see VMs that were powered off before backup in the reports please check the operating system and fix whatever is wrong (of course check that you have the last version of VMware Tools installed in every VM), most of the times nothing serious will happen but in certain circumstances you could lose data by forcing a power off. Date: 07 September, 2013

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Esxi - Vmware - Program - Backup - Opensource - Automatic - Open - Source - E-Mail - Email - Report

Homepage: http://33hops.com/xsibackup-vmware-esxi-backup.html

Developer: 33HOPS (Daniel J. Garcia Fidalgo)

License: Apache License

Operating System: Not Available

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